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Your legal needs do not have to become frustrating legal problems. With our years of experience in the areas of real estate, business, and estate planning, Wright Law TX will help you design a strategic and proactive approach to your legal needs.

Now you can have confidence in your future.


Know the Course, Stay the Course.

There will be times when reacting or responding to a legal matter is the only option. However, at Wright Law TX, we believe a better approach for our individual and business clients is to be proactive and have a plan before issues arise. Let us help you forecast your needs and design an intentional and strategic plan for business growth and development. We can help you stay on your successful course.

Have You Experienced Value?

It should be expected that legal services are delivered in a professional, efficient, and results-oriented manner. However, we also believe that clients deserve value. We have adopted a simple test; that is, a client should only pay professional fees when our professional services help the client to either protect your assets or grow your assets. It’s that simple. Have you experienced value? Engage our team today.

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Who We Can Help.

Oil and Gas

  • Acquisition, Drilling, and Division Order Title Opinions
  • Assignments and Bills of Sale
  • Lease Review and Negotiations
  • Pipe Yard Leases, Opinion Letters, and Adverse Possession
  • Rights of Mineral and Royalty Owners
  • Title Research, Title Disputes, Title Curative,
  • Conveyance

Estate Planning

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Special Deeds
  • Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Medical Powers of Attorney
  • Directive To Physicians
  • Guardianship Designation

Banking, Lending & Collections

  • Loan Document Drafting and Preparation
  • Creditor’s Rights
  • Lender Loan Workouts
    • Forbearance Agreements
    • Lender Representation & Lender Remedies
    • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Filings and Priority
    • Secured Transaction Issues

Real Estate

  • Lease Drafting and Enforcement
  • Contract Drafting, Review, and Disputes
  • Negotiation of Real Estate Deals
  • Issues with Commercial Landlord/Tenant, Premise Security, Land Use and Easements, Lien Priority, Property Management, Municipal and State Tax, and Mechanics’ and Materialmen’s Liens
  • Foreclosures and Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Evictions/Forcible Detainers and Brokerage Commission Disputes
  • Facility Operation and Real Estate Operations
  • Real Estate Closings and Property Tax Appeals
  • Title Policy and Property Insurance Policy Claims
  • Manufactured/Mobile Home Sale and Application for Ownership
  • Representation of Realtors, Builders, Home Owners or Condominium Associations

Business Formation & Operation

  • Entity Formation
  • Prepared Bylaws, Partnership and Company Agreements
  • Resolutions
  • Corporate Documents
  • Sale of Business or Business Assets

Who We Are.

We are responsive. We are prepared. Let us be your guide.  Wright Law TX helps clients forecast needs and design intentional and strategic plans for business growth and development. Our team has guided thousands of clients through negotiations, settlements, business opportunities, new business endeavors, real estate closings, investments, mergers, acquisitions, complex contracts, and other legal and planning processes.

We are a niche real estate, business, and estate planning firm.

We Speak Deals FluentlyTM.


Why Choose Wright Law TX?

  • Accessible. Our direct exchange email address (hello@wrightlawtx.com) is available to give you access beyond just one person; reach out to our entire team through the direct email exchange. Your communications will not slip through the crack.

  • Proactive. We want to help flip the switch on how you use legal resources and help you identify areas of liability and areas of opportunity before needs arise. Let’s build a plan of action together.

  • Business-minded. We are not just lawyers. We are business owners. We are business advisors.

  • Capacity. We have the team and the resources to fully engage with you.

  • Responsive. We know that both time and opportunity are fleeting. We will not wait for either to pass you by.

  • Understanding. We listen, then we advise.

  • Value. If our involvement helps you protect your assets or grow your assets, you will trust the value of Wright Law TX.

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